12 Days of Christmas Day 1

On the first day of Christmas, my Arbonne  consultant brought to me one bag of fit chews-


No joke- Anyone that orders today gets a bag of fit chews AND their name is entered into the drawing to win ALL 12 prizes!

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Here in the U.S. we are all gearing up for Thanksgiving. It’s been a year of ups and downs and ins and outs BUT man am I grateful.

For my friends-This has been a year of friendships. I have made SO many new and GOOD, solid friends. Everywhere I go I’m making new ones and have found a fun way to connect with each of them. I LOVE the power of social media and being able to be a part of people’s lives through pictures and words. I have fostered “old” relationships and reconnected with cousins who are like sisters to me. I have friends who I walk with regularly, friends who I do business hours with, friends who I sing with, friends who I laugh with, but the common thread with all my friends is that we support each other!

My Family-My family is large and loud and growing. This year I got a step-mom (who is FAB) I got to spend a week with my family in September and I cherished every second. It SO fun that we are all adults now and can relate on that level. Each of my siblings is SO special to me and bring joy to my life. They have each chosen such beautiful partners and have such beautiful babies<3

My Business-Oh man SO stinking thankful for my business. Its grows and stretches me in SO many ways. It’s brought out confidence, grace, joy, and people skills in me that I didnt know I had.


Sugar Detox


This sums it up ya’al…sugar detox day 2…

I wasn’t able to get much sleep last night (I have a hard time saying no to people and was working until close to midnight) but I feel a bit run down this morning, but that’s totally normal when you(I) are detoxing from sugar.

I get cranky and headache and tired, but it doesn’t last long and then I feel GREAT! So got to get through the blas to get to the ahs!

A random thought I had this morning was “Dom you are CRAZY for doing this rightt before holidays!” and then “Im done being owned by sugar!”

SO here goes! Cheers! To health and happy brain and body!


Im (almost) done with Christmas shopping!!


I LOVE the holidays and celebrating Christmas as LONG as possible. I also love gift giving and this year wanted to do something special and unique and something I can do as a yearly tradition. I was chatting with my step-mom and she said each year she gets her kids and grandkids  an ornament! I thought BRILLIANT!

So tonight I marched to Target and got some fun ones for various family members! I have a few more to get and want to find the perfect ones!




Daily Dose of Gratitude

I’m so proud of myself for being in an attitude of gratitude 90% of the time. I have been keeping a daily gratitude journal for almost 2 straight years…not to toot my own horn but its been the BEST New Years “resolution” ever.

In the month of November, I’m adding to my journal in a new way and posting more photos of what I’m grateful for on social media. Today it’s my legs and feet. They take me everywhere I need to go.

I LOVE candle light! Its peacful and calming and candles smell good 😛

Yummy and healthy food makes me feel good! I literally think of my body, right down to my cells, saying “Ah, thank you for this healthy and yummy food.”



What are you grateful for today?

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


Black Friday aka bla late Thursday night…

I have only gone black Friday shopping once…lol and it started on Thursday night…

I was visiting friends in AZ and we were the first ones in line at Old Navy (which meant we got a free underwater camera)

Dont get me wrong it was fun, but sitting in line for hours, know people were missing out on time with their family to be working rubbed me the wrong way and now, no matter how good the sale is I dont go.


I choose instead to go on a different day or shop online. With all this being said I have doing a WEEK long Black Friday sale! You wont have to worry about parking,or waiting in line, or things running out! Nope plop down with your phone or laptop, in your pjs at noon time and order away 😛

Tell me about your Black Friday traditions/stories

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom