We all are familiar with getting in the water. I think there’s only two ways people go about it 1) Toes first then the slow painful process of inching in. Takes for ever! The second way is how my older brother prefers jumping ALL in yelling “Geronimo!”

I see a correlation in life. There are those of use who toe dip through life and others who jump ALL in hair wet and makeup running down you face.

I am working on being a jumper. By the time I show up at the Purely Gates I want to be so used to jumping into the adventure of my life I show up with my hair a wet mess and my mascara running down my face.

Friday I started a new  practice of getting up at 5am and doing a personal growth hour. I take time to meditate, read, write, vision work, planning my day, and affirmations. Cant wait to see the fruits it brings and the productivity it brings.

What are you going to do to start jumping into your life!!



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