Lean In and Do It Anyway!

Fear can be griping and terrifying. It can get your heart racing make your palms sweat. I was and still am afraid of the dark. Spiders, now those little buggers are TERRIFYING! Fear has held me back from so much and dampened my adventurous spirit.
The good lord saw fit though that I would dive into a network marketing company. I like to think of it as a little lipstick business disguised as a personal growth company. The growth and stretching that has happened over the past 2 years is INCREDIBLE…like I am a whole different person. From shy introverted wall flower to outgoing and personable woman!
Since owning my own business where fear is a daily occurrence I have been learning on practicing courage and feeling the fear and doing it anyway. “Lean in” is a phrase I mumble to y self on a regular biases.
When I am terrified to make a call I envision the call going very well and imagine myself as someone who is higher up in my company and you know what it works. I barrow their courage and make the call and you know what no phone call, no matter the outcome, has killed me yet. The worst someone has said is no, and that’s not a no to me as a person but a no to what I am presenting them with. (Took me a while to figure that one out.)
About a year ago I started attending networking events. Talk about shaking in my boots. Why would I willingly go to a place where I know NO ONE and try and make friends….um that’s anxiety producing. BUT I did it. I may have sat in my car in the parking lot for the first 20 minutes but I did it. I met some new, fun, outgoing, understanding and open friends. I was able to grow my business and network. Sitting at home never would have produced this result:-P
So whether you own your own business or not, you are going to have to feel the fear and do it anyway some days! You are going to ask that girl out, you are going to ask for a long awaiting bonus or raise, you are going to have to talk to someone who scares you.
My challenge to myself has been to do something that terrifies me two days a week. Last night I was invited to a mixer and I went and talked to STRANGERS!! I am shocking myself here lol. It feels good to be growing into who I was meant to be. It feels good to step outside, WAY outside of my comfort zone and be LIVING life. Not just so that my business grows but so that I GROW!

Big love to you all!

-Arbonne Girl Dom


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