Morning Reflections

My dad is a morning person, like a if you are not up by 7am you are lazy kind of a morning person. My darling boyfriend is a morning person. He gets up willingly and happily at 4am most Saturdays to go fishing!


I never thought I was a morning person but recently I have joined the 5am club. I do 30-45 minutes of personal growth 7 days a week. (Weekends I get up at 7 instead of 5) Slowly but surly I am seeing why my Dad and Andrew like the morning so much. It is peaceful, it is still calm and beautiful outside, its a fresh start, and there are so many possibilities.


This morning was a 4;30  morning for me. I am house sitting for a friend and have to dive a bit further to my morning job which begins at 7am 🙂 I went to bed at 9pm so I woke up feeling FRESH and ready for today.

Hope that your morning goes smoothly and you can see all the opportunity and possibility that comes your way today!

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


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