Working From Home Can Be Fun

I partially work from home, the other part I am nannying for two little munchkins. Working from home is GREAT but I tend to hang out in coffee shops and do work so that I am around people; A few weeks back I met this FUN and SWEET girl who also works from home at a Meetup event. We talked about “working” together and last week we did and it was a SMASHING success. We met at Scout a fantastic coffee shop in San Luis Obispo CA. Yesterday after my morning “JOB” (I call it just over broke) I met her at her house and we talked, worked, and hung out. For dinner we went to Urbane Cafe….um healthy deliciousness


This beauty is their Cranberry and Brea….SO SO good….working hard on being an intuitive eater and this hit the spot and was satisfying.

Well you all dont need a play by play but hanging with this girl is so fun and we get stuff done. Grateful for new friends!

Got up at 6 today and had my shake and did some work 🙂 Today I am doing a fun beauty bar from my house! LOVE MY JOB


(in the shake berries, ice, spinach, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, 2 scoops of Arbonne protein and water.) This deliciousness will hold me through my hike!

Hope you all have a GREAT Saturday!

xoxox -Arbonne Girl Dom


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