Monday’ s Eats

Monday’s are one of my favorites. New starts and fresh goals yesterday was a fresh start and a close all in once. For those of us in network marketing or other businesses the last day of the month can be wild!
Breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese and tea. (I didn’t get a picture) @  5:40am. (I leave the house at 6:30)
By the time 9 rolls around my body says “Eat woman!” So I brought a mint cliff bar and had that with my citrus Arbonne fizz stick


Took our daily walk and lunch was a yummy southwestern salad mix with a few pretzels and hummus and some avocado  (Love me some good fat)


After work I rushed home to get ready for my Beauty Bar. I was hungry at 3 so had a cheese stick and three of these bad boys 😛


Intuitive eating is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
(The beauty bar was a bust so I packaged up the strawberry’s for my neighbors.)
Dinner was homemade burgers seasoned with some Santa Maria Style seasoning and BBQ sauce.
Good day! Great food!
Xoxox -Arbonne Girl Dom


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