Dom’s Day

Thought it may be fun for you to experience a day in the life of Dom. Not very glamorous but productive 😛
5am I’m up and doing my Miracle Morning (Thanks Hal Elrod) I mediated, do affirmations, read, (my current read below) journal my gratitude list and end picturing what Im bringing into my life!


I grab a quick breakfast and head to my morning “job” 7-1. Much of my day looks like this…Well and plus a 3 year old.


After morning job, I take a few hours to build my Arbonne business. Some days with 1:1 coffee appointments, work sessions, or networking events. One of my September goals is to use my time wisely and be very intentional.

What’s your day look like?
Xoxox -Arbonne Girl Dom


2 thoughts on “Dom’s Day

  1. Hi!

    My name is Pat Petrini

    I saw on your blog that you are a network marketer and a fan of The Miracle Morning.

    I am the co-author (with Hal Elrod) of a new version of The Miracle Morning called The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers.

    If you are a network marketer who is also a Miracle Morning Practitioner, we’d love to include your story in the book. To be considered, please submit the following to by Monday, October 5th:

    1. Contact info, including: Name, Company & Title, Mailing Address, Email Address and Phone Number
    2. When and where did you learn about The Miracle Morning?
    3. How long have you been doing the Miracle Morning?
    4. How many days per week do you practice the Life SAVERS?
    5. What time do you wake up? What time did you wake up before The Miracle Morning?
    6. Did you consider yourself a morning person before? How about now?
    7. Which of the SAVERS do you currently practice? Which do you feel is the most beneficial to you, and why?
    8. [BEFORE] Please paint a detailed picture of your life and network marketing business BEFORE the Life SAVERS.
    9. [AFTER: Your MM Success Story] Please share {in detail} YOUR Miracle Morning Success Story. Describe how The Miracle Morning transformed or improved your life, and specifically your SALES/Business/Professional Life.

    (*Please include some specifics/metrics, including increases in sales, income, etc.)

    **Partial submissions will NOT be considered, so please be sure to include complete information (especially your contact info!). All of the people who have a story included in the book will receive a copy.

    We hope you’ll submit your story! 🙂



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