Goal Digger

Happy Friday!! Goals and list have always kept me on task and focused, now even more than ever. I set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for my business and I am learning to do this for all areas of my life. When I plan and stick with a plan I dont fail!


With each Monday and each month and each season I feel like we get new starts. September marks the start of the autumn/fall season. A time of reflection and anticipation and preparation for the winter ahead. Now here on the central coast of CA we don’t get winter per-say but you can still feel change and growth in the air.


My goals for September are 1)To keep promises I make to myself as I was beginning to loose credibility with myself. 2)Do one task at a time. ie When I am eating I am not also on my phone, when I am writing I dont have a bunch of tabs open on my computer. When I am spending time with Andrew I am not constantly checking my phone. (notice a technology theme 😦 3) Less time on social media! 4)More adventures with friends and family. Starting this weekend I am going to hike Modonna with a group of girls on Saturday and Sunday Andrew and I are going with friends to Monto de Oro!

Would love to hear some of your goals and resolutions for this fall!

xoxo-Arbonne Girl Dom


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