Thursday Eats

Tryed switching it up a little bit today!
5:30am- Breakfast was a shake made with frozen strawberries, mango, Greek yogurt  (waiting on more Arbonne protein to arrive) spinach, turmeric, cinnamon & coconut milk.


9:30am I had some dried mango from TJ’s
12- Yummy mushroom and cheese quiche (also from TJ’s) & a few sweet potato chips  (yams actually)



I got home from my “job” at 2:30 & had these yummy littleArbonne fit chews. Made with botanicals and natural sugar. Just a little bit of sweet! These are the chocolate and mint holiday flavor.


Hunger hit hard at 5:30 & I decided a grilled cheese with mustard sounded good. This has been the hardest part of eating intuitively is listening to my hunger and respecting it. Im getting better at it daily!


What did you eat yesterday?

Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


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