I HATE the Word Exercise


The word “exercise” is so unappealing. And “work out” is even worse. Those words bring up a feeling of duty or punishment.
Movement is my kind of word 😛 I move my body daily and enjoy it when I think of it in a healthy and happy manner. When it isn’t a duty but a joy. When it isn’t a must do but a get to.
My preferred methods of movement are  walking, yoga, & hiking. I used to be a runner but I hated it. Took me almost a year of doing it before I said not thanks Im good. Yes I lost weight from it but it was not an enjoyable experience and I dreaded it.
So with all this being said, find your favorite(s) way to move and do it. If it gets boring find something else. Don’t go to the gym because you have to. Dont run because you have to. Don’t lift weights because you have to. Do what ever you want to!


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