Nanny Diaries-14 Hours of Frozen, Drool, Diapers, & Fun

Who willing decides 14 hours of nannying is a good idea…and on a FRIDAY…this girl. I LOVE the kiddos I work with but that’s like a full day. (Mom’s I applaud you.)
This week’s funnies are as follows.
3 year old child as I walk in “Dom we forgot to take out the trash so you got to do it.” Well than thanks boss Ill get on that.

Child tapping on my window to the truck next to us. I turned around to see why…he was giving him the Hawaiian peace sign…my level of calm shocked me honestly.

Child coming out of the bathroom after showering walking funny. I inquired as to why “I forgot to dry off my butt!”

Baby eating scrambled eggs all of the sudden opens her mouth mid bite and tilts head forward. All of eggs flew out and landed in her lap….this happened over and over with the same mouthful of eggs!!!!

Well tonight I will brave the movie theater with my evening charges and pray 10pm comes quickly.
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


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