Weekend Adventures 10/10 &11

I LOVE weekends!

Saturday I got to hike with Julie and Rocky in the morning. We had to go early as it has been HOT around here the past few weeks.

Saturday evening I got a hot date with this guy.


He hasn’t felt good lately  (aweful mouth infection) so Im thankful he took me out despite not feeling well.
Our DELICIOUS meal from Olive Garden. I had gluten free alfredo and the potato soup and he had ravioli with red sauce.
Afterwards we went to an event and chatted with some friends afterwards. Nice to catch up!
Sunday morning another hike for me and then grocery shopping. Does anyone else grocery shop after moving/exercising? I forgot how sweaty I was 😛
Got home and made a bunch of banana bread to use up a million and one bananas and started a tortellini soup for dinner.

Ill let you know how it is:-)
Banana bread is a hit. Already half a loaf is gone 🙂

Tomorrow on the blog Ill share about my first day dairy and gluten free and why this lifestyle change!
Xoxox ArbonneGirl Dom


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