Monday Eats and PCOS

I contemplated even sharing this but if it helps one person it was needed. Over the years I’ve had some painful experiences with my period and cysts as well as hirsutism  (male pattern facial hair) a quiet frankly is embarrassing and no fun. I’ve been using hormones to keep me from having periods because quite frankly the thought of ending up in the ER with excruciating pain during a period or having a 9cm cyst on my overy is not my idea of  a good time.
Long story short I’m done with putting junk in my body so after a long discussion with my doctor and lots of research Im going to try going gluten and dairy free and see what happens. Today is day 1.
Meals were
breakfast my Arbonne protein shake
with Strawberry, spinach, & blueberry (also turmeric and cinnamon power)

Snack was a kind bar
Lunch was a salad
Dinner was chicken and veggies and potatoes
I ate it while watching the beautiful sunset

Would love any tips or recipes you may have!
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


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