Surprise Birthday Parties are ALOT of work!

Guys my weekend was COMICAL!

I planned a last minute SURPRISE birthday party for my darling guy. I invited a handful of close friends and his family. First of all our house is TINY 🙂

It went off without a hitch lol everyone said yes and a few no’s and babam. Easy menu (pizza, salad, soda, and cake)

Then the fun began on- On Thursday I found out he had to work on Saturday and that his daughter was going away for the weekend….I tried not to freak out but instead said you NEED to be home by 5:15…I am taking you to dinner…not a complete lie but I was bringing the dinner to him 😛

Than Friday after work I had plans to make the cup cakes and brownies…15 minutes after the brownies came out of the oven he came home (2 hours early!)

Than I realized I bought a carrot cake mix instead of white cake!!

Saturday morning I got a text from Andrew’s aunt saying her husband had the flu and they wouldn’t be able to make it 😦 So sad! Then I realized this meant I needed to clean quickly so I could help Andrew’s mom mid afternoon with her mom so she could head to an appointment.

I went hiking with my friend and ran to the grocery store to get the RIGHT cake mix! King Arthur gluten free cake mix to the rescue! Then on to Ellen’s to bake the cupcakes and “gramma sit!”

King Arthur to the rescue!


I picked up Andrew’s daughter and back home to finish cleaning and decorating!

Andrew’s brother Mark was keeping Andrew occupied so I could clean and decorate. Oh the things the poor guy went through to keep my guy from coming home. Among the looking at EVERYTHING is Dick’s Sporting Goods and saying his truck was acting funny!

Andrew got home at 4:30…30 minutes before everyone arrived. Thank goodness we had hidden the goodies and balloons. I ran out to get pizza. The whole time wondering what I would tell him when I walked through the door with a ton of pizza’s….one idea was that they were having a special on pizza’s and I was stocking up for the week. Or that we were going to feed the homeless….Thank goodness I didn’t have to use either excuse!

Guests started arriving at 5. He was upstairs yelling down to me about where we were going and why I wouldn’t tell him. Eventually I called him down stairs. Needless to say he was surprised!
He said and I quote “Now I can die happy” He had a fantastic time.
Moral of this book of a post, I won’t throw a surprise party anytime soon.
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


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