Another Weekend Come and Gone

What a fun filled week! I launched my life coaching business very successfully I might add, worked my Arbonne business and made some steps towards my future of full time self-employment!
Friday afternoon I spent working with Paige at Scout in SLO. I left her house saying “Ill see you next week” knowing I would see her again in about an hour for her surprise birthday dinner at Mason’s Bar and Grill in Arroyo Grande.


She was so surprised!


I had chicken pot pie served in a baked potato! So yummy! We all shared a lava cake at the end of the night!

Saturday was a quiet day and family dinner!
Sunday morning I got in a hike and went home and cleaned the house top to bottom while listening to Christmas music 🙂
(I even got my car vacuumed out)
Sunday afternoon I napped and grocery shopped for the week. I wanted to make a yummy egg bake for my lunches this week.
We ran the groceries home and met with Andrew’s friend Brad for a yummy BBQ dinner at Dickies. So delicious!
Came home and food prepped for the week and enjoyed some quite time with Andrew before heading off to a house sitting job.


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