Kids say the darndest things

3 year olds are funny, or they can be. Or maybe they are just sassy and borderline rude but since they are so little its laughable.
Here are some recent funnies
Me: After seeing  “Bunny” the (stupid) elf on the shelf this morning hanging from the chandelier “That silly Bunny! What is she doing up there!”
A: She’s watching you Dom to make sure you are a good girl today…..
Me: Died laughing while mom corrected her say “No, Dom has an in with Santa, Bunny is here to watch YOU”

Last night at the dinner table after being reprimanded A: I didn’t do it my hand did it!!

Last week during pick up time
Me: “Please put away your crafts please”
A: “um Dom you got them out for me so YOU need to put them away.”


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