Dashing through the rain!

We don’t get snow out here so we dash and splash through the rain!
We are in full on festive mode here! Friday night I had a spa night and cookie swap! So much fun. We ate and drank and chatted.


I packaged up what was left over and took to the homeless cause you know only so many cookies look good on these hips 😛
Saturday I hiked with Julie and got in some family time with Andrew. We went to our favorite  (Panda Express ) & then went and saw Intern at the budget movie theater! Go see you! You will laugh and cry. So so so good!
Sunday morning I met a my sweet new friend Stephanie at Mountain Brook church in SLO and then we went to Luna Red for brunch.


My egg sando from brunch! It was different…


View from the church! Though brown its beautiful!

Sunday afternoon I put up my free, (yes free tree.) A friend bought a new one and gave us her old one! I love it!


This week Im focusing on a #healthholiday and soaking up every inch of this season
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


One thought on “Dashing through the rain!

  1. I remember doing a cookie exchange when I was a kid! That was my favorite holiday tradition. Come to think of it…why doesn’t my family do it anymore… 🙂


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