Shut up Susan!!

Last weekend I was in Vegas for Arbonne’s global training conference. Such FUN! So many good memories made! Got to hang out with the best of the best and hear training from world class leaders.

One of our leaders Dianna Herrin gave this awesome and inspiring talk. She shared that her yoga teacher calls that voice in our heads “Susan” (I apologize to you all who’s name is actually Susan.)

She spoke about putting “Susan” in the back seat of the car. I took it one step further and told her to get out of the car.

Over dinner on Friday night, my roommate (Dee who is a kick in the pants) made a HILARIOUS comment and said “Shut up Susan!” when someone made a comment that was not serving them. It was FUNNY, but it was a realization that we don’t have to listen to that silly voice who tells us we can’t do hard things or we can’t be successful!

So when you are running and feel like quitting but literally and figuratively¬†tell “Susan” to shut up and get out of the car and then you just GO!



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