On Holiday!

No I am not British but I am marrying into a British family so its rubbine off.

I am on holiday in Pheonix AZ with my friend Karen. Yesterday We went to Jerome, Sedona, Cave Creek, and a few other places.




xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


Tanner Tuesday!


I LOVE Taco Tuesday, but since Arbonne doesnt sell Tacos (bummer) I am gonna share our self-tanner with you instead 😛

Capture the look of summer with our self-tanner that adds touch of bronze instantly while developing an even, natural-looking tan within 2 hours. Skin feels healthy and hydrated with its refreshing scent and quick-drying formula. You’re good to glow.

Its free from chemicals and easy to apply.

Shake well. Apply product evenly to cleansed, moisturized skin. Avoid application in the area of the eyes, lips, mucous membrane and hairline. Avoid contact with clothing. Wash hands after use.


This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.

Dermatologist Tested

Happy tanning! xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


10 Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things! I have done a post or two like this but thought hey why not do another one.

Here are a few of my favorite things



  1. Arbonne Deodorant– it’s cool and minty and keeps me from smelling anything less than pretty. It is free from aluminum, parabeans, and toxins.
  2. Success Magazine-I had been following their Facebook page for a while, but was recently given some old issues from a fellow entrapuner and I am enjoying them. With each issue comes a CD. The editor interviews successful big name people.
  3. Breakfast bowls– these a new easy favorite of mine. Yogurt (of your choosing), granola, and fruit all mixed together. It’s a tasty protein packed meal or snack.
  4. Iced tea-This has always been a favorite. Growing up in New Hampshire I drank my weight in sun tea every summer. My mom would throw some mint from the garden in it and tada! I recently got a mint plant (funny story really) and have been enjoying iced tea.
  5. Gardening-As a kid I don’t think I appreciated the garden as much as I do now. I live in a cute little town home with a tiny back yard so my city garden is all in pots on my little postage stamp patio.
  6. Books– Well these are ALWAYS a favorite of mine but just finished reading Broken Open and  a book on how to love your money. I am still finishing up The Happiness Trap- All about ACT therapy.
  7. Walking-Its my preferred form of exercise (besides yoga) and I have been trying to do a lot more lately. When I was nannying…(I make that sound like it was a long time ago lol but my job as a nanny only ended last week 😛 )I would plop the girl(s) in the stroller and get in two miles everyday…same loop e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y….yawn…so now I am SO enjoying spicing it up. Since Friday I have done 4 different routes and places.
  8. Succulents– I guess I could plop this into the gardening category but succulents are so FUN! I am slowly adding to my collection. In May I got a aloe plant and a new cactus. The aloe has come in handy a few times with sun burns.
  9. Traveling –I have a few fun trips planned this summer. Next week I am heading to Phoenix Arizona to visit my friend Karen from college! She’s what you call a soul sister-someone who you may not see or talk to for a while but when you hang out it is like no time has passed. In July Ill being going down to Anaheim to attend a conference with my Aunt Rose. In August I finally get to visit San Francisco for my friend Megan’s wedding! So fun. I MAY go back to NH in the fall, but no concrete plans just yet.
  10. Baking-Nope not in the sun lol I mean making yummy goodies, but with a healthy twist. I eat gluten free as much as possible, so I always make things with coconut flour or almond flour. Yesterday I made a double batch of banana bread with all the left over bananas from the week before.


The Slippery Truth

Why NOT mineral oil

Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product, meaning it is made in the processes of gas being made for your car. It’s the leftover layer that CAN’T be used in your car. My first point why NOT to use petroleum bi-products is that if it isn’t good enough for your car why the heck would you want it in your car?!

The second point is that these distilleries cannot dump the mineral oil without having to pay a fine so instead, they sell it to cosmetic and food companies as a filler. I was SO sad to find out it is in one of my favorite candy, Swedish fish!

Secondly, it works the same way saran wrap would on your skin. It may feel smooth and soft but when applied to your skin in creates a barrier that prohibits your skin from expelling toxins etc. Over a long period of time,images (6) this is harmful.

So the long and short of it- Mineral oil is a cheap filler used my product companies to use up space in a bottle. It is not good for our skin or the environment!

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom