The Slippery Truth

Why NOT mineral oil

Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product, meaning it is made in the processes of gas being made for your car. It’s the leftover layer that CAN’T be used in your car. My first point why NOT to use petroleum bi-products is that if it isn’t good enough for your car why the heck would you want it in your car?!

The second point is that these distilleries cannot dump the mineral oil without having to pay a fine so instead, they sell it to cosmetic and food companies as a filler. I was SO sad to find out it is in one of my favorite candy, Swedish fish!

Secondly, it works the same way saran wrap would on your skin. It may feel smooth and soft but when applied to your skin in creates a barrier that prohibits your skin from expelling toxins etc. Over a long period of time,images (6) this is harmful.

So the long and short of it- Mineral oil is a cheap filler used my product companies to use up space in a bottle. It is not good for our skin or the environment!

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


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