5 Things About Me

  1. I’m a classy country girl…I LOVE the country, farm animals, dirt (mostly)sunshine, rain, hard work, and starry nights that are crisp and clear. I also enjoy the finer things in life though like fashion, good skin-care, new ideas,coffee shops and lace!
  2. Horses-horses make my soul SOAR!! I love spending time with them and their smell and their soft coats and how each one is so different! I became horse obsessed at age 5! A friend of the family let me ride their horse when I was 5 and that’s where it all began 😛 And it has never ended.
  3.  I LOVE drinking water…weird I know but it always makes me feel so good.
  4. I am one of seven kids…and our names all start with “D”We are all loud and fun and country pumpkins! I just got to spend a week with my family (My dad got re-married) SO FUN.
  5. I LOVE clean eating and healthy food and movement-hiking most specifically

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