88 Days


This is what 88 days of getting up early to do a Miracle Morning looks like!
Yesterday it meant 2 work outs! A list of goals made and scheduled for the week. A notebook of affermations and goals. A gratitude journal. 8 books read in 3 months and a vision board that is looked at daily!
Its a buisness grown, challenges faced, a buisness started, & a person growing and learning and striving for bigger, better, more beautiful things in life.
Try it! You’ll be glad you did
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


Playing Big

I am now learning to play BIG! I have been reading a new book called the 10X Factor by Grant Cardone. I hadnt heard of him until recently. Its about making your goals 10X bigger and working 10X harder to meet those goals.

I want to be consistent and ever growing and improving. I have become way to use to mediocrity and I dont like it.

So yesterday I had an unexpected afternoon off from my nannying so I put my walking shoes on and went store to store seeing in local businesses would consider shopping with me for their holiday baskets. I got 15 out and plan on 15 more today. It was scary but I did it and I am alive. No one grows in their comfort zone.

I am working hard on keeping promises to myself and going all in! Am I gonna be tired? YUP! Am I gonna want to give up? Yup. Is it going to be worth it HECK YES!~

Would love to hear how you all 10X your efforts!

-Arbonne Girl Dom