10 Reasons Nannying Rocks

I am trying to do a weekly nannying post this week its 10 reasons to be a nanny

  1. I dont have to wear professional clothes, in fact on the days I do I inevitably get thrown up on or peed on….
  2. Everyday is different…is child A going to nap today? Is child B going to eat chicken today or is that only on Wednesdays that he eats chicken?!
  3. I dont need to have my own kids, I can barrow others for a few days a week and then go home 😛
  4. I am REALLY good at holding a baby or two while making meals, folding laundry, picking up dog poop, etc.
  5. Kids songs and movies are THE BEST!!
  6. Kids snacks are pretty good too! Who doesnt love goldfish or pint size yogurt
  7. I am never lonely. I am always needed and wanted for something 😛
  8. CRAFT time! I love crafts but dont get time to do them unless I am nannying with the kiddos
  9. Long walks and great tans…lets face in being stuck in a house with two or three minis for hours on end can get to be a bit much so long walks and visits to the park save me sanity and gets out the wiggles and earns me a pretty good tan.
  10. Answering questions is a breeze. After you have been asked enough strange questions you get good at thinking fast.