Here in the U.S. we are all gearing up for Thanksgiving. It’s been a year of ups and downs and ins and outs BUT man am I grateful.

For my friends-This has been a year of friendships. I have made SO many new and GOOD, solid friends. Everywhere I go I’m making new ones and have found a fun way to connect with each of them. I LOVE the power of social media and being able to be a part of people’s lives through pictures and words. I have fostered “old” relationships and reconnected with cousins who are like sisters to me. I have friends who I walk with regularly, friends who I do business hours with, friends who I sing with, friends who I laugh with, but the common thread with all my friends is that we support each other!

My Family-My family is large and loud and growing. This year I got a step-mom (who is FAB) I got to spend a week with my family in September and I cherished every second. It SO fun that we are all adults now and can relate on that level. Each of my siblings is SO special to me and bring joy to my life. They have each chosen such beautiful partners and have such beautiful babies<3

My Business-Oh man SO stinking thankful for my business. Its grows and stretches me in SO many ways. It’s brought out confidence, grace, joy, and people skills in me that I didnt know I had.



88 Days


This is what 88 days of getting up early to do a Miracle Morning looks like!
Yesterday it meant 2 work outs! A list of goals made and scheduled for the week. A notebook of affermations and goals. A gratitude journal. 8 books read in 3 months and a vision board that is looked at daily!
Its a buisness grown, challenges faced, a buisness started, & a person growing and learning and striving for bigger, better, more beautiful things in life.
Try it! You’ll be glad you did
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom

2 Months (Almost ) of Miracle Mornings

The 15th will mark 2 straight months of waking up earlier for my Miracle Morning. On weekdays this means 5am! (Read Hal Elrod’s Book Miracle Morning )
My routine is still the same 1) Meditate/pray for 5 minutes-This is the hardest step for me but Im learning. 2) Affermations- I have 30 affermations I read ouf lout ie “Im enough! I deserve goid things. My business is exploding. Im financially free.” 3) Gratitude Journal- I write 10-15 things Im grateful for. 4) Personal growth reading 15-20 minutes- right now I’m reading The Secret and a leadership devotional by Zig Zigler. 5) I envision what I want my life to be like and use my vision board as a guide


My vision board or part of it at least.
I choose to do my exercise at a different time of day.
In two months my team has grown. My income has grown. I have grown!  I will definitely continue this practice and can’t wait to update soon.
-Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

Fear is A Faker


I just love this! Isn’t it true in life that the things holding us down mine as well be strings or unlocked doors. A sideline sister in Arbonne shares a story of her brother locking her in the closest. She cried and screamed for someone to let her out only to find out he had only shut the door but not locked it….
What silly things hold you back. What is your plastic chair or your unlocked closure door?
Mine is the phone! Funny right, but when it comes to calling a client it weights 10 lbs and a scary monster and the person who is on the other end is going to think I’m weird, silly etc. But ya know what its a plastic chair!! Its a “locked” door!
Kicking over my chair and I’m coming out of the closet 😛

Fear of Chocolate

As everyone who becomes an intuitive eater does, you start facing and accepting “bad” foods.
Last week I met a client at an ice cream shop!!! I was so anxious freaked out. I couldn’t even choose a flavor.  I hadn’t had any processed sugar since May! I asked the girl scooping the ice cream her favorite flavor and asked for a small dish of that….I ate it and didn’t die. I had a sugar headache and knew next time maybe Ill only need to eat a bite or two.
Today I conquered another fear…chocolate


I ate some Hershey chocolate and I am ok. Im not craving more. I gave myself 150% permission to eat some and moved the heck on.
So fears are being abolished. Food is being put in its proper place and Im feeling free!
Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

A Weekend of Love, Business, Food and Fun

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Friday it was HOT out and I SO did not want to cook so we chose the next best thing…Panda Express


Saturday morning I woke up at 4am to drive to Anaheim, NOT for Disney but even better, for Arbonne!
What a long, fun, empowering day!


This shows all the highs of the day! Good food, awesome products, palm trees, sunsets, & FREE Arbonne goodies!  It doesn’t show my GPS not working and me guessing how to get home….4 and a half hours later…it doesn’t show my awesome sideline sisters! It doesn’t show the beautiful hard working leaders who poured into us. It doesn’t show the growth and call to action!
I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night. Not sure if I was over tired or too excited!
Had a wonderful breakfast at a local restaurant The Pantry Sunday morning with Andrew and some friends.


Did some Arbonne work, grocery shopping, & a nap Sunday afternoon  😛
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom

A Daily Dose of Gratitude Will Keep the Doctor Away


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” (taken from Brainy Quotes)

Maybe it is the smell of Fall in the air or the fact the pumpkin spice everything is starting to make an appearance, but I have gratitude and thankfulness on my brain. Thanksgiving IS one of my favorite holidays but I try and carry an attitude of gratitude with me throughout the year.

In January I started keeping a gratitude journal both virtually and in paper. Every morning I write 10 things I am grateful for in my journal and I make an effort to post on social media a few days a week what I am grateful for-Yesterday it was the rain we got!

I find being grateful opens the doors for more blessings to come my way, If I recognize what I do have and am thankful for it more will be attracted to me!

I want to host a gratitude challenge. 100 days of gratitude starting tomorrow September 17th. You can journal it, post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) or any other way that speaks to you!

Lets share with each other and keep each other motivated to keep going. As we all know some-days it can be REALLY hard to be grateful about anything!

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Looking forward to hearing about what you are thankful for!

xoxo- Arbonne Girl Dom