88 Days


This is what 88 days of getting up early to do a Miracle Morning looks like!
Yesterday it meant 2 work outs! A list of goals made and scheduled for the week. A notebook of affermations and goals. A gratitude journal. 8 books read in 3 months and a vision board that is looked at daily!
Its a buisness grown, challenges faced, a buisness started, & a person growing and learning and striving for bigger, better, more beautiful things in life.
Try it! You’ll be glad you did
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


2 Months (Almost ) of Miracle Mornings

The 15th will mark 2 straight months of waking up earlier for my Miracle Morning. On weekdays this means 5am! (Read Hal Elrod’s Book Miracle Morning )
My routine is still the same 1) Meditate/pray for 5 minutes-This is the hardest step for me but Im learning. 2) Affermations- I have 30 affermations I read ouf lout ie “Im enough! I deserve goid things. My business is exploding. Im financially free.” 3) Gratitude Journal- I write 10-15 things Im grateful for. 4) Personal growth reading 15-20 minutes- right now I’m reading The Secret and a leadership devotional by Zig Zigler. 5) I envision what I want my life to be like and use my vision board as a guide


My vision board or part of it at least.
I choose to do my exercise at a different time of day.
In two months my team has grown. My income has grown. I have grown!  I will definitely continue this practice and can’t wait to update soon.
-Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

Miracle Morning Update


Its been 24 days of waking up at 5 to do a Miracle Morning. I’ve gotten in a rythem. I wake up an hour and a half before I have to leave theย  house, generally at 5am on week days and 7am on weekends.
My routine looks like this –
5am Out of bed and brushing teeth and using restroom
5:05-5:10 Quiet meditation (prayer and silence )
5:10-5:15 Affermations (Im enough. My business is growing etc)
5:15-5:20 Gratitude Journal (10 things Im grateful for )
5:20-5:30 Reading Personal growth book (currently on Dare To Dream and Work to Win)
5:30-5:40 Vision building activities (focusing on the good things that are happening and the growth that is coming)


It goes so quickly and its a great start to my day. Some immediate benefits have been- Better start to my day. More productively. More self-belief. A great outlook and attitude. More clients. A growing team. More energyย  (if you can believe it) Im starting to make a difference in my life and in others!

Im looking forward to keeping this as a daily routine and seeing the continued benefits of getting up earlier and starting my day off well.

If you need an accountability partner Id love to help!

Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  • Chia tea makes the top of the list
  • 11910135_1609198916000969_632499544_n
  • Coming in a close second is my ENGLISH boyfriend Andrew (God knew what he was doing with that one as I LOVE tea) I like him for many other reasons but that is VERY important ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Horses…after 4 years of BEGGING my dad and writing notes and joining 4-H my dad bought me my first horse…That was only the beginning of something great
  • 11429667_10204556301890616_8581103582539099688_nย Here’s where it all started ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Avocado’s! OMG I could live off those things. They are great on bagels, on rice cakes, with cheese, in guacamole, in shakes etc!!
  • Books- I am utterly obsessed. I could read all day every day. I used to get in trouble for reading instead of doing home work or cleaning my room. Some of my favorites include The Shack, Perfectly Yourself, The Secret, and Rocking Your Network Marketing Company
  • Trader Joe’s and all the food in in. Seriously the “Just Dried Mango” is BOMB.COM, love the mango sherbet, love the tamales
  • California-I know we are super golden right now but it is a pretty glorious place with beautiful weather 95% off the time ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The beach-not swimming in the ocean mind you, but its so calming and centering to be around the water.
  • IMG_0299
  • Clean and intuitive eating- Not to say I dont eat a treat now and then but I feel and look much better when I eat clean and listen to what my body wants and needs ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Hiking-I found this fun and sometimes challenging activity when I moved here to CA. Almost every Saturday and Sunday morning I get out for a hike!

Would love to hear more about my readers. What are some of your favorite things?

Goal Digger

Happy Friday!! Goals and list have always kept me on task and focused, now even more than ever. I set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for my business and I am learning to do this for all areas of my life. When I plan and stick with a plan I dont fail!


With each Monday and each month and each season I feel like we get new starts. September marks the start of the autumn/fall season. A time of reflection and anticipation and preparation for the winter ahead. Now here on the central coast of CA we don’t get winter per-say but you can still feel change and growth in the air.


My goals for September are 1)To keep promises I make to myself as I was beginning to loose credibility with myself. 2)Do one task at a time. ie When I am eating I am not also on my phone, when I am writing I dont have a bunch of tabs open on my computer. When I am spending time with Andrew I am not constantly checking my phone. (notice a technology theme ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 3) Less time on social media! 4)More adventures with friends and family. Starting this weekend I am going to hike Modonna with a group of girls on Saturday and Sunday Andrew and I are going with friends to Monto de Oro!

Would love to hear some of your goals and resolutions for this fall!

xoxo-Arbonne Girl Dom

Dom’s Day

Thought it may be fun for you to experience a day in the life of Dom. Not very glamorous but productive ๐Ÿ˜›
5am I’m up and doing my Miracle Morning (Thanks Hal Elrod) I mediated, do affirmations, read, (my current read below) journal my gratitude list and end picturing what Im bringing into my life!


I grab a quick breakfast and head to my morning “job” 7-1. Much of my day looks like this…Well and plus a 3 year old.


After morning job, I take a few hours to build my Arbonne business. Some days with 1:1 coffee appointments, work sessions, or networking events. One of my September goals is to use my time wisely and be very intentional.

What’s your day look like?
Xoxox -Arbonne Girl Dom

Morning Reflections

My dad is a morning person, like a if you are not up by 7am you are lazy kind of a morning person. My darling boyfriend is a morning person. He gets up willingly and happily at 4am most Saturdays to go fishing!


I never thought I was a morning person but recently I have joined the 5am club. I do 30-45 minutes of personal growth 7 days a week. (Weekends I get up at 7 instead of 5) Slowly but surly I am seeing why my Dad and Andrew like the morning so much. It is peaceful, it is still calm and beautiful outside, its a fresh start, and there are so many possibilities.


This morning was a 4;30 ย morning for me. I am house sitting for a friend and have to dive a bit further to my morning job which begins at 7am ๐Ÿ™‚ I went to bed at 9pm so I woke up feeling FRESH and ready for today.

Hope that your morning goes smoothly and you can see all the opportunity and possibility that comes your way today!

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom