Playing Big

I am now learning to play BIG! I have been reading a new book called the 10X Factor by Grant Cardone. I hadnt heard of him until recently. Its about making your goals 10X bigger and working 10X harder to meet those goals.

I want to be consistent and ever growing and improving. I have become way to use to mediocrity and I dont like it.

So yesterday I had an unexpected afternoon off from my nannying so I put my walking shoes on and went store to store seeing in local businesses would consider shopping with me for their holiday baskets. I got 15 out and plan on 15 more today. It was scary but I did it and I am alive. No one grows in their comfort zone.

I am working hard on keeping promises to myself and going all in! Am I gonna be tired? YUP! Am I gonna want to give up? Yup. Is it going to be worth it HECK YES!~

Would love to hear how you all 10X your efforts!

-Arbonne Girl Dom


2 Months (Almost ) of Miracle Mornings

The 15th will mark 2 straight months of waking up earlier for my Miracle Morning. On weekdays this means 5am! (Read Hal Elrod’s Book Miracle Morning )
My routine is still the same 1) Meditate/pray for 5 minutes-This is the hardest step for me but Im learning. 2) Affermations- I have 30 affermations I read ouf lout ie “Im enough! I deserve goid things. My business is exploding. Im financially free.” 3) Gratitude Journal- I write 10-15 things Im grateful for. 4) Personal growth reading 15-20 minutes- right now I’m reading The Secret and a leadership devotional by Zig Zigler. 5) I envision what I want my life to be like and use my vision board as a guide


My vision board or part of it at least.
I choose to do my exercise at a different time of day.
In two months my team has grown. My income has grown. I have grown!  I will definitely continue this practice and can’t wait to update soon.
-Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

Fear is A Faker


I just love this! Isn’t it true in life that the things holding us down mine as well be strings or unlocked doors. A sideline sister in Arbonne shares a story of her brother locking her in the closest. She cried and screamed for someone to let her out only to find out he had only shut the door but not locked it….
What silly things hold you back. What is your plastic chair or your unlocked closure door?
Mine is the phone! Funny right, but when it comes to calling a client it weights 10 lbs and a scary monster and the person who is on the other end is going to think I’m weird, silly etc. But ya know what its a plastic chair!! Its a “locked” door!
Kicking over my chair and I’m coming out of the closet 😛