October Weekend Fun

Happy Monday ya’al! Had another great weekend.
Friday was LONG. I nannyed  from 7am-10pm! Friday night I took the two boys I was watching to see The Minion movie at the local budget theater. $3.50 a ticket is an AWESOME deal.


Saturday morning I met up with the meetup girls to walk the Bob Jones Trail -6 miles from land to sea trail in Avila CA


It was sucha beautiful day and chatting makes the miles fly by. On our way back some of us stopped at Woodstone     Market for lunch. I had a yummy turkey wrap with bacon and avocado


Got home around 1:30 a took a nap!


Saturday evening we got Chinese take out and went to Andrew’s mom’s for dinner. So fun! I had my typical egg roll and fried rice πŸ™‚


Sunday morning woke up to clouds and rain!! Yay! We need rain so desperately.


Got in a 50 minute hike/walk with my friend Julie and her dog Rocky.
Came home and heated up some left over fried rice.


Sunday afternoon I caught up on life, napped, and prepped for the week ahead.
Would LOVE to hear about your weekend πŸ™‚
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom


Fear is A Faker


I just love this! Isn’t it true in life that the things holding us down mine as well be strings or unlocked doors. A sideline sister in Arbonne shares a story of her brother locking her in the closest. She cried and screamed for someone to let her out only to find out he had only shut the door but not locked it….
What silly things hold you back. What is your plastic chair or your unlocked closure door?
Mine is the phone! Funny right, but when it comes to calling a client it weights 10 lbs and a scary monster and the person who is on the other end is going to think I’m weird, silly etc. But ya know what its a plastic chair!! Its a “locked” door!
Kicking over my chair and I’m coming out of the closet πŸ˜›

I HATE the Word Exercise


The word “exercise” is so unappealing. And “work out” is even worse. Those words bring up a feeling of duty or punishment.
Movement is my kind of word πŸ˜› I move my body daily and enjoy it when I think of it in a healthy and happy manner. When it isn’t a duty but a joy. When it isn’t a must do but a get to.
My preferred methods of movement are  walking, yoga, & hiking. I used to be a runner but I hated it. Took me almost a year of doing it before I said not thanks Im good. Yes I lost weight from it but it was not an enjoyable experience and I dreaded it.
So with all this being said, find your favorite(s) way to move and do it. If it gets boring find something else. Don’t go to the gym because you have to. Dont run because you have to. Don’t lift weights because you have to. Do what ever you want to!

So Predictable

I thrive on routine, but as I posted a while back Im learning to live outside of the box and switch things up πŸ˜›
This being said I will always have some favorites that I’ll do, eat, read etc. On that list are Trader Joe’s tamales…well Trader Joe’s in general but back to tamales… they take 4 minutes to heat up and they are way yummy.


Ill always drink lots of water! I LOVE water! Soda makes my nose tickle and alcohol is not my friend. Tea comes in a close second but seriously love love love water!


Sherbet…its a new obsession that I partake in every few days. Only about three spoon fulls, but I saver every bite.

Naps are another part of my routine. Thanks to college I used to think I couldn’t make it through a day without one, but recently Im shocking myself. I get up at 5am and sometimes don’t get home until 10pm but I rarely feel the need to nap.

Walking is my preferred choice of movement (hate the word exercise) I could walk all day every day! Not something I plan on changing soon except maybe doing more of it.

I have been challenging myself to get out of the house more and networking and this is so not me but has been SO good. Like life changing and business building!

Im gonna challenge you to do one thing in the next week that is UNPREDICTABLE of you!!! Post below when you do!

Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom

Miracle Morning Update


Its been 24 days of waking up at 5 to do a Miracle Morning. I’ve gotten in a rythem. I wake up an hour and a half before I have to leave theΒ  house, generally at 5am on week days and 7am on weekends.
My routine looks like this –
5am Out of bed and brushing teeth and using restroom
5:05-5:10 Quiet meditation (prayer and silence )
5:10-5:15 Affermations (Im enough. My business is growing etc)
5:15-5:20 Gratitude Journal (10 things Im grateful for )
5:20-5:30 Reading Personal growth book (currently on Dare To Dream and Work to Win)
5:30-5:40 Vision building activities (focusing on the good things that are happening and the growth that is coming)


It goes so quickly and its a great start to my day. Some immediate benefits have been- Better start to my day. More productively. More self-belief. A great outlook and attitude. More clients. A growing team. More energyΒ  (if you can believe it) Im starting to make a difference in my life and in others!

Im looking forward to keeping this as a daily routine and seeing the continued benefits of getting up earlier and starting my day off well.

If you need an accountability partner Id love to help!

Xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom

Central Coast Weekend Living

What a fun and FULL weekend! Started on Friday as soon as I left my morning job. Got some Arbonne time in at Scout (favorite coffee shop in SLO) with Paige (From Healthy Hits the Spot-check out her blog)
Friday night we joined 7 other ladies at Guispees in Pismo Beach for a ladies night out and some YUMMY food. I LOVE Italian food! I ordered the butternut squash ravioli…um delicious isn’t even the word! Fresh baked bread with a cheesy garlic spread!! It was heavenly!


Here’s my food and our group of ladies !

Saturday morning I went on a trail ride through the vineyards in Santa Ynez! BEAUTIFUL! Didn’t get photos of our ride but a few before.


I rode Nick a 6 year old quarter horse with a heart of gold and an easy going personality.

Saturday evening I went to Paige’s for a fun movie night  (We saw The Best of Me a Nicholas Sparks movie) she made us homemade popcorn  (um AMAZING) and there was wine and fruit. Lots of laughs and tears because who doesn’t cry at least once during a Nicholas Sparks movie?!
Sunday was a quiet day finally. I hiked with my hiking buddy Julie and her dog Rocky in the morning. It was SO HOT, but we we got out there and did it!

We are having strange weather here lately, but it makes for beautiful sky’s!


Amazing and breath taking!

Would love to hear about your weekend! What did you eat? Where did you go?
Xoxox -Arbonne Girl Dom

Wednesday Eats

I love hearing about what people eat! Please tell me Im not the only one πŸ˜›

Wednesday morning breakfast was a onion bagel with cream cheese and Earl Grey tea with turmeric and coconut oil (5:45am)

Mid morning snack was a mint cliff bar (9am)

Lunch was spinach and chicken salad from Trader Joe’s (12:15)


I was stuffed until about 4 & then I had my afternoon snack which ended up also being dinner πŸ˜› Mango and honey seseme cashews and a chia tea latte



I didn’t get hungry again so that was that!
What did you eat yesterday?
Xoxox Arbonne Girl Dom