Thankful Post!

2016 has been a great year! Its been a year of loss, change, growth and joy!

I have lost love and learned to be a ok and full of joy and growth!

I have traveled more this year than ever before -April was Vegas, June was Arizona, July was southern California, August was Oakland and San Francisco, September was New Hampshire!

I went out 100% on my own! Im my own boss and make my own hours 😀

Im thankful for all the self-care I have done! Thanks to my friend’s wedding in August I now paint my nails and do more girly things.



What are you thankful for?

xoxo Arbonne Girl Dom


Looking Forward-

I LOVE this time of year and what the next few months bring! I love the holidays, gift giving, parties, and family time.

One of my love languages ( is totally quality time and this season lends itself to spending more time with friends and family.

I have recently learned how much I love going on fun adventures today I went to the local botanical gardens and out for some yummy pizza at Palo Mesa…DELISH

Halloween weekend Im hoping to go to Ventura for a least a night and visit some friends and family.

PARTIES- I love hosting parties and between now and Christmas Im hosting 4! So fun! All are fun nights (Monday nights and Mimosa’s, Cosmetic Graveyard, Cookie Swap and Cupcakes and Champagne…fun RIGHT!)

Those are a few things! How about you?

-Arbonne Girl Dom



Top 3 Arbonne Favs

  1. Mascara is my FAV!! Its a Long Sory is my heavenly! Its made with bamboo peptides that help lashes to grow and thicken! Even Vanity Fair loves it
  2. Protein powder- this is a daily must for me! Made with green pea, brown rice and cranberry protein! Itsfillignand healthy. Here is one of my favorite recipes.
  3. Hair serum-I had no idea what I was missing before this stuff came into my life. It makes my hair feel SO healthy and shiny


Have a great rest of your day!

xoxo Arbonne girl Dom!

A Day in the Life


A day in the life! Wahoooo….Cause I KNOW you all are dying to know! This is an ideal day, but truth be told every day is different.

5-5:30 am Wake up and do my Miracle Morning routine. This consists of reading, journaling, affirmations, exercise (which I do later in the day) visualization and goal setting.

7-8 eat breakfast (shake, fruit, and yogurt, cereal or something else that is quick)

8-11- Arbonne hours -phone calls, orders places etc

Lunch (salad, leftovers from dinner )and a nap (I LOVE naps and enjoy the recharge)

Afternoons I meet with clients or friends or walk or whatever else I feel like doing.

Dinner is anytime between 5 and 7

I am generally in bed around


5 Things About Me

  1. I’m a classy country girl…I LOVE the country, farm animals, dirt (mostly)sunshine, rain, hard work, and starry nights that are crisp and clear. I also enjoy the finer things in life though like fashion, good skin-care, new ideas,coffee shops and lace!
  2. Horses-horses make my soul SOAR!! I love spending time with them and their smell and their soft coats and how each one is so different! I became horse obsessed at age 5! A friend of the family let me ride their horse when I was 5 and that’s where it all began 😛 And it has never ended.
  3.  I LOVE drinking water…weird I know but it always makes me feel so good.
  4. I am one of seven kids…and our names all start with “D”We are all loud and fun and country pumpkins! I just got to spend a week with my family (My dad got re-married) SO FUN.
  5. I LOVE clean eating and healthy food and movement-hiking most specifically


As a female entrapuner, I have so many heroes and people who influence me.


I have a lot of badass friends who are running their own business and are GOOD at what they do! They all inspire me and urge me to do and be better.

Single parents inspire me! Kids are hard to raise and doing it on your own is HARD!

Who inspires you?


-Arbonne Girl Dom